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Fate/Grand Order Kicks off a Lucha Christmas With Quetzalcoatl

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Keep an eye on the top rope; Fate/Grand Order is just about ready to launch this year’s Christmas celebrations off of it. The hit mobile game is back once more with a holiday bash, designed to eat stamina-restoring apples and replenish depleted material reserves. And of course, a free playable character is on offer as well.

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This year, the event is titled “Samba Night, Holy Night – The Snowy Ruins and the Girl Knight,” and will start on December 13, 2020. The story features everyone’s favorite Mesoamerican creator deity: Quetzalcoatl. The feathered serpent of Aztec legend appears in the game as a statuesque woman with a friendly demeanor and a love of lucha libre. She first showed up in the Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia story campaign, playing a major role in that plotline. This time, though, she’s the freebie giveaway for the event, swapping her class from Rider to Ruler and spreading her wings to bring both Samba and season’s greetings to all and sundry.

Check out a preview of her Noble Phantasm:

As with previous Fate/Grand Order Christmas events, Samba Night, Holy Night will task masters with completing story quests and farming up as much of a special currency as they can carry. The currency can be fed to a special lottery box that pays out goodies and materials critical to upgrading Servants, as well as valuable QP points. Players can equip their Servant lineups with special Craft Essence items to boost the currency drop rates and increase their efficiency. To ease things along, some Servants also receive an up to 150% damage bonus. The range of applicable Servants includes a number that are fairly easy to acquire (like Cu Chulainn and Jaguar Warrior), and every free Christmas Servant to date, so players who’ve been around for a while will have a good slate of options to choose from.

Those willing to consume some of their stockpiled Saint Quartz in the hopes of an early windfall stand to gain a new 5-Star Lancer Servant: Bradamante. Bradamante joins Astolfo in Fate/Grand Order as a representative of the 12 Paladins of Charlemagne, and sports a powerful Quick-element Noble Phantasm attack. That, and her skill setup make her compatible with the popular “Skadi Loop” strategy, provided players have their own Skadi, a friend with Skadi, and a specific Craft Essence and Mystic Code skill.

Check out Bradamante’s Noble Phantasm:

Other Servants are also on the Fate/Grand Order Christmas 2020 banner, including the original Rider version of Quetzalcoatl, the Rider-class Saint Martha, and Martha’s limited availability summer swimsuit incarnation (like Christmas Quetz, a Ruler-class).

Fate/Grand Order‘s Christmas 2020 event runs from December 13, 2020 until December 25, 2020. The game is immediately available on iOS and Android. A special FGO anime project is set to debut on December 31st, 2020.

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