Fate/Grand Order Kicks Off the Holiday Season with Merry Christmas in the Underworld

fate grand order christmas 2019

The time has come to celebrate the holidays in mobile games with special events, and that means a “gift” from Kinoko Nasu in Fate/Grand Order. The Fate/stay night author wrote this year’s Merry Christmas in the Underworld holiday event, which has begun and will run until December 25, 2019.

Merry Christmas in the Underworld begins when Attila the San(ta) approaches players about a 107 degree heat wave knocking out Chaldea staff and servants. Once the event begins, the four-star, SR Archer appears and temporarily joins your party. Should you get a War God Exchange Ticket from Present Roulette (and get through Main Quest Section 8), she can permanently become one of your Servants. Though, even if you don’t befriend her, you can use the Sand of the Underworld you earn during this period to get presents from her. (You could also get a Merry Sheep SSR Craft Essence during this period.)

Here is Attila the San(ta)’s Candy Star Photon Ray Noble Phantasm.

Attila the San(ta) isn’t the only new, limited Servant in Fate/Grand Order. Erishkigal, a five-star Lancer, is available in the Christmas 2019 Pickup Summon banner available until December 25, 2019. She will be a Daily Pickup Servant option almost every day, with the only exception being a period between December 21-23, 2019, where the five-star Saber Altera will temporarily be the only Daily Pickup. Erishkigal is the Underworld’s goddess.

Here is the Erishkigal Noble Phantasm: Kur Ki Gal Irkalla.

Fate/Grand Order is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. Both the holiday event and banner will run until December 25, 2019. In addition, its Advent Calendar 2019 is immediately available and doling out presents.

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