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Fate/Grand Order Makes You Pick a Side in the Meiji Restoration Rerun

Just barely off the heels of the last, Fate/Apocrypha-themed event, Fate/Grand Order continues its relentless schedule with a rerun of GUDAGUDA Meiji Restoration. An enhanced repeat of 2019’s GUDAGUDA-themed event, Meiji Restoration gives newer Fate/Grand Order players a second chance to nab the goodies, and veterans a double-dip of valuable resources. As before, the event will involve players picking sides in a battle between the Oda Shogunate and the Shinsengumi.

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Up for grabs once again is a free 4-star rarity Servant, Chacha. Chacha is the childhood name of the Lady Yodo, the niece of Japanese warlord Oda Nobunaga (whose Servant incarnation plays a role in the event story). Chacha was the daughter of Nobunaga’s younger sister, the Lady Oichi, and warlord Azai Nagamasa. She survived several deadly reversals in her family’s fortunes, and later became concubine to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who would eventually supplant her uncle in unifying Japan. She would live all the way to the end of the Toyotomi’s reign, finally perishing in the Siege of Osaka castle by future Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. She appears in Fate/Grand Order as a 4-star Berserker-class Servant. New players might find her particularly useful, as she’s the only Berserker in her rarity tier with a Buster-element, multi-target Noble Phantasm attack in Fate/Grand Order. That makes her useful for quickly clearing battles, provided other Servants can help her build up charge.

Meanwhile, players with Saint Quartz to spare can roll the gacha for limited characters. As part of the rerun, Aniplex are reviving the last year’s summoning banners, increasing drop rates for certain Servants. Among them is Shinsengumi vice-commander Hijikata Toshizo, added to Fate/Grand Order as a 5-star Berserker. Unlike Chacha’s multi-target specialization, Hijikata embodies a high-risk, high-reward playstyle, with abilities and a Noble Phantasm that do more damage the lower Hijikata’s HP is.

The GUDAGUDA Meiji Restoration event in Fate/Grand Order is live now, and will run until May 19, 2020. Fate/Grand Order is available on iOS and Android.

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