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Fate/Grand Order SERAPH Event Added to Main Interlude

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As the English edition of Fate/Grand Order closes in on its 5th Anniversary, Lasengle and Aniplex are finding ways to help players fill the time as they wait for the celebration to kick off. One of those ways is a new Main Interlude addition called The SERAPH event. Formally titled Abyssal Cyber Paradise, SE.RA.PH, the Fate/Grand Order SERAPH event is now part of the game’s Main Interlude feature. That means any player, old or new, is free to replay its story portion and receive its unique reward, which is a 4-Star Mooncancer-class Servant BB.

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Main Interludes are a way for FGO players to experience events that have already had a rerun and are thus removed from the game’s content schedule. For English-language players of Fate/Grand Order, SERAPH landed first in 2019, and had its rerun in 2021. Without the Main Interlude, players who started playing after February 2021 would never have a chance to acquire BB or see the event storyline. The Main Interlude version of SERAPH is a stripped-down version of the original event. Things like free quests and the event reward shop aren’t available, and some of the event’s mechanics have been simplified. However, players can still receive BB as a playable Servant if they haven’t done so before. Players who didn’t finish the event will even have their progress carried over, so they can continue and experience the entire story.

To celebrate the addition, Aniplex is making the Main Interlude version of SERAPH playable to any Fate/Grand Order player that’s completed the Part 1 main story campaign. This “special release period” lasts until June 27, 2022, after which the Main Interlude will become unlockable using Rare Prisms. Rare Prisms are gained whenever a player discards a 4-Star or 5-Star Servant, receives the 6th copy of a free event Servant (i.e. during a rerun), or from special campaign rewards.

The update also added Rank Up quests for three Servants connected to Fate/Extra CCC, the Fate subseries that served as SERAPH’s source material. The Servants Kingprotea, Meltryllis, and Suzuka Gozen can all have some of their skills upgraded by completing these quests. And for players without them, a special summoning banner has the three Servants, plus the 4-Star Alterego Passionlip on rate up until July 4, 2022.

Fate/Grand Order is available on iOS and Android devices.

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