Fate/Grand Order Yamatai-Koku Event Will Return

Fate/Grand Order Yamatai-koku

The Japanese server of Fate/Grand Order will receive a rerun the Gudaguda Yamatai-koku event from 2020. It will start on November 3, 2021 after the Halloween Rising event, and end on November 17, 2021. During this event, players will have the chance to pull for three limited Servants, as well as obtain a new Spiritron Dress for Okita Soji (Saber). Note that the worldwide server has not run this event yet, so there are some spoilers in this article.

The Gudaguda Yamatai-koku event in Fate/Grand Order follows Ritsuka and Gudaguda Servants after a Haniwa takes them to Yamatai-koku. However, there is a darkness spreading through Yamatai-koku. It seems that old members of the Shinsengumi have a hand in that. While the story for this event focuses heavily on the Shinsengumi, it also shines a lot on Oda Nobukatsu and his character development.

Himiko (Ruler), as well as Saito Hajime (Saber), will have their own event banner. Additionally, Oda Nobukatsu and event-exclusive EXP cards will appear in the gacha. Oda Nobukatsu is a 1-star Archer whose kit focuses on supporting the party, even at the cost of his own death. Oda Nobukatsu is only available during the GUDAGUDA event. You can also unlock a new Spiritron Dress for Okita Soji (Saber), in which she wears her signature Shinsengumi haori.

Fate/Grand Order is available worldwide on mobile devices, and the Gudaguda Yamatai-koku rerun event will run from November 3 to November 17, 2021 on the Japanese server.

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