Fate/Grand Order’s Japanese Version Introduces New Servant Murasaki Shikibu By Raita



Fate/Grand Order just got a new servant in the Japanese version, with the the Caster class Servant Murasaki Shikibu, a Japanese novelist and poet best known as the author of The Tale of Genji.




The ★5 SSR Caster Murasaki Shikibu is now available in the Japanese version of the game during the “Voice & Letter Collection!” Valentine’s Day 2019 campaign until February 20.


Murasaki Shikibu (CV: Kayano Ai|Artist: Raita)

You can check out her Noble Phantasm “Genji Monogatari: Aoi – Mononoke” in the above video.


FGO Project also revealed a revamped Noble Phantasm animation scene for ★5 (SSR) Nightingale’s “Nightingale Pledge: I Will Abstain From Whatever Is Deleterious And Mischievous”:

The new version is set to kick in starting February 6 at 6:00pm JST.


Fate/Grand Order is available on iPhone and Android.

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