Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel Rider Figma Has a Removable Mask

Fate/stay night Rider figma header

Good Smile Company has announced that the figma of Rider from Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel is now available for pre-order. Masters who wish to summon her have until October 28, 2021 to put in their orders. Those who pre-order her from the Good Smile Company store will get a summoning circle figma stand as well. She will cost 8800 JPY/$87.99. Her shipping date is July 2022 for Japanese customers and September 2022 for North American customers.

The Fate/Stay Night Rider figure will feature multiple joints to allow for dynamic poses. Specifically, she has drawer joints for her iconic combat crouch. As well, she wields her two chained daggers. There are sculpted versions that imitate movement, and also chain versions so you can wrap them around her arms or make your own pose. In total, four chains (two sculpted and two chain links) come with the figma.

Aside from her chains, the Fate/Stay night: Heaven’s Feel Rider figma has three face plates: one with a neutral expression, one with gritted teeth, and one with a smile. You can also remove her mask in order to reveal her Cybele Mystic Eyes.

You can see more pictures of the Rider figma here:

The Rider figma is one of the Fate series figures Good Smile Company showed off during WonHobby 33. Other figures that they introduced that are now open for pre-order are the Okita J. Souji scale figure and the Pop Up Parade Saber Alter.

Consumers have until October 28, 2021 to pre-order the Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel Rider figma. She will appear in Japan in July 2022 and North America in September 2022.

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