Fate Stay Night The Path Statue

Fate/Stay Night ‘The Path’ Statue Will Cost Fans Nearly $3000

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Aniplex of America has begun taking orders for a new premium statue based on Fate/Stay Night. Titled “The Path,” the statue is a smaller replica of a one-off sculpture created for an exhibition event titled, “Fate/Stay Night: Tracing 15 Years of TYPE-MOON.”

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The Fate/Stay Night “The Path” statue shows series protagonist Shirou Emiya standing alongside Saber. The stand features the collected weapons of the Servants from Fate/Stay Night, such as Lancer’s spear, Assassin’s sword, the chained spikes of Rider, Archer’s bow, the stone sword of Berserker, and even Caster’s “Rule Breaker” dagger. In the background, the gears of Archer’s Noble Phantasm, Unlimited Blade Works, are seen alongside a distant sculpt of the Holy Grail, depicted as a hole in the sky oozing black mud.

The Path Statue

“The Path” stands over 100 centimeters (about 39.4 inches) tall and was created using a combination of digitally-assisted modeling and hand-sculpting from original artist Sakurako Ishinaga (a.k.a. Shokuen). The prototype event statue stood about 60cm tall. For this retail version, Aniplex sized the item up by 1.8 times. It weighs 73 pounds (about 33 kilograms).

Even the well-heeled Fate/Stay Night fanatics are looking at a big cost here. Available via Aniplex of America’s Aniplex+ online store, “The Path” is currently listed for preorder at $2969.98 USD. Believe it or not that’s a discounted price tag, down from $3712.98 USD.

Given the hefty sum being asked, the actual production numbers will be quite limited. Only 200 pieces will be created for distribution and sold in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand, and the UK and Ireland.

The Fate/Stay Night “The Path” statue is available for preorder until May 28, 2021. The game it’s based on never had an official English release, but it has been adapted into an anime series and a feature film trilogy. “The Path”is expected to ship out by March 31, 2022. A smaller and more affordable figure, the Nendoroid of Altria Pendragon (Caster), is also available for preorder.

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