Fate/Extella Sounds Like It’ll Be The Series’ First Musou-Style Game

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Marvelous recently announced Fate/Extella for PS4 and PS Vita, and Fate/Stay Night creator Kinoko Nasu of Type-Moon had a few words to share on his blog about the upcoming game.


Here’s what he wrote:


Do you want to play an action game?

How about the enjoying an ikkitousen leap for the Servants? [Ikkitousen, lit. “a mighty knight who matches a thousand knights”; a strong cavalryman who can beat a lot of enemies alone.]


Okay, then we’ll prepare a new stage!


We’ve kept you waiting. We’ve finally announced the latest title in the Fate/Extra series with Fate Extella!!!


Since we’re entering a stage where we’re about to open up on more details, I can’t share too much more about it today.


However, I will say one thing. This time, I’ve had more freedom to do what I like more than ever before. Also, this title isn’t Extra 3. Since we’re beginning a new challenge, it was decided that it wouldn’t be good to use a previous title for it.


“The story of ideas interweaving between person to person has ended.

From here on, let’s talk about man and world.”


“The tale doesn’t end here.

It’ll be waiting for you at the newly opened sea of the glittering moon.”


Fate/Extella is in development for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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