Fate/Grand Order’s Latest English Trailers Feature Dr. Jekyll And Mephistopheles




Aniplex USA shared new Servant trailers for the upcoming smartphone game Fate/Grander Order for North America. Here’s a look at the Assassin-class  Servant Dr. Jekyll and the Caster-class Mephistopheles.


Servant Class: Assassin (CV: MAmoru Miyano)

Character Designer: Nakahara


Servant Class: Caster (CV: Takehito Koyasu)

Character Designer: Shimokoshi


You can check out more Servant trailers in our previous report featuring Saber-class Servant Altera and Rider-class Servant Ushiwakamaru.


Fate/Grand Order launches in North America in Summer 2017 for iPhone and Android. You can catch up on more about the game in our earlier report.

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