FFVII Ever Crisis New Years
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FFVII Ever Crisis New Year’s Banner Stars Cloud and Sephiroth Weapons

The New Year’s banner for Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is now live and features a new weapon and outfit for both Cloud and young Sephiroth. The banner is set to remain available until January 14, 2024, alongside various packs of draw tickets and upgrade materials.

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Cloud’s new weapon is called Skysplitter, and it is a black and silver katana that boasts a powerful and ATB-intensive ability called Blazing Strike. This attack can be further boosted by his new gear, the Official Festive Garb. It boosts his physical attack and fire ability damage.

Meanwhile, young Sephiroth will be able to equip the Radiant Edge, which has the ability to reduce enemy physical defenses and fire resistance, as well as deal non-elemental physical damage. His Celebratory Garb gear will boost his HP rather than his damage, though it does contain a similar fire ability damage buff.

Both weapons will be available by rolling on the New Year’s banner. Meanwhile, the gear is obtained through Ever Crisis‘ stamp card system.

You can get a closer look at the weapon and outfit additions for both Cloud and young Sephiroth in FFVII Ever Crisis in the gallery below:

Alongside the New Year’s banner, Square Enix is also running a FFVII Ever Crisis event called “The Wily Hunter.” It features Yuffie Kisaragi as a boss encounter. A previous event, added back in December, 2023, added a new character quest focused on Barrett.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is available to play on PC and mobile devices, with the New Year’s banner being available until January 14, 2024.

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