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FFVII Rebirth Sephiroth & Cloud Synergy Ability Detailed

Square Enix has posted some information on Sephiroth and Cloud’s Synergy Ability in FFVII Rebirth. There is also a short clip of it on its Twitter (X) account.

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In Sephiroth and Coud’s Synergy Ability, the two of them attack an enemy simultaneously. It ends with Sephiroth and Cloud looking at each other, though with very different emotions on their faces. As for Square Enix’s description of the Synergy Ability, it describes Sephiroth’s attacks as an elegant dance. Meanwhile, Cloud is doing his best to slice at the enemy with his sword. The name of their Synergy Ability is Cross Spiral.

Synergy Abilities will be a new battle mechanic in FFVII Rebirth, with many different possible combinations within the team. It is a powerful attack that requires both characters and will drain their ATB gauges. Some combinations Square Enix teased thus far include Red XIII and Yuffie, Barret and Cloud, and Aerith and Tifa. Synergizing was also a mechanic in FFVII Intergrade, in which you could drain both Yuffie and Sonon’s ATB gauges to launch a combination attack.

FFVII Rebirth is in development and will come out for the PS5 on February 29, 2024. The console exclusivity arrangement will end on May 29, 2024.

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