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FFVII Remake Biggs Concept Art Explains His Pistol’s Design

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Square Enix shared new FFVII Remake concept art, this time focusing on Biggs. The concept art shows off early renditions of the character created by character designer Roberto Ferrari. The images also focus on the character’s iconic pistol, as well as his goggles.

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Biggs is a prominent character in Final Fantasy VII, appearing in both the original game as well as in Remake. A strategist in the Avalanche insurgency cell, Biggs is a kind, brotherly figure that works with Cloud and his friends on their adventures. He is childhood friends with other Avalanche members Jessie and Wedge.

Notably, the character received a redesign as part of FFVII Remake. Square Enix character designer Roberto Ferrari helped design Biggs’ new look, alongside other characters like Jessie. The character retained most of his key features, with new additions such as an earring. The FFVII Remake Twitter account also notes that the design of Biggs’ handgun was based on the image of a shark. Other concept images also show off early designs of Biggs’ goggles, which appear to have the lens over the frame rather than inside.

You can check out the FFVII Remake Biggs concept art below:

Square Enix has been releasing concept art from FFVII Remake over the last several months. Recent concept art focused on the Beginner Hall, as well as the Sector 5 slums and Cloud’s in-game weapons.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available to play on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. The next installment is in development.

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