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FFVII Remake Butterfinger DLC Is Now Free for Everyone

FFVII Remake Butterfinger DLC FF7 Remake Butterfinger DLC

August 5, 2020 is definitely a good news, sort of day for Final Fantasy VII Remake fans. In particular, it is because items locked behind a promotion are no longer behind a paywall. The FFVII Remake Butterfinger DLC items are now all free on the PlayStation Store. Previously, people who purchased between two and ten actual candy bars would get the equipment. [Thanks, Cheap Ass Gamer!]

Here’s how the affair worked, for those who missed out. Back in February 2020, Square Enix confirmed there would be a special offer where people who purchased certain numbers of Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, and Crunch bars would get certain items.

They were also available in “limited” numbers. So buying two bars would get you one of the 100,000 Midgar Bangles. Four would get you one of the 50,000 Shinra Bangles. Six would get you one of the 50,000 Corneo’s Armlets. Eight would get you one of the 25,000 Superstar Belts. Ten would get you one of the 25,000 Mako Crystals.

Here are the specific PlayStation Store links for each of the former FFVII Remake Butterfinger DLC items. (Note: These are the US PlayStation Store links.)

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available for the PlayStation 4. It is currently on sale for 34% off on the PlayStation Store until August 19, 2020.

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