FFXI December 2021 Update Includes Starlight Celebration

FFXI December 2021 Update Includes Starlight Celebration

While Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is getting a lot of attention in December 2021, there are things going on in thanks to the FFXI update. There are major and minor activities. Some are seasonal events, such as the return of the FFXI Starlight Celebration and a Winter Bundle-Up Campaign. Others update Ambuscade and Voracious Resurgence as usual.

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The December Login Campaign began. This time, you get a chance to get the Iron Giant mount again. Between December 13, 2021 and January 4, 2021, the Winter Bundle-Up will run and increase earned experience. This will give you a chance to get more capacity, chain, and monstrosity experience. You can also build up your combat skills faster.

With the FFXI Starlight Celebration, people can save Moogles’ presents from Goblins between December 16-31, 2021. The Moogles will be in Bastok Markets (G-8), Northern San d’Oria (J-9), and Windurst Waters (F-9). There will also be three minigames. The Chocobo Treasure Chests will be at Port Bastok if you visit Klaas (K-8). The Job-Guessing-Wessing Booth will be held by Rokor-Makor (K-12) in Windurst Woods. Spot the Difference will be held by Estiliphire (H-9) in San d’Oria. A Leaf Bench Emote will be available via it. You can also help Moogles give out gifts and cards if you stop by the ones in all three locations. (They’re at F-9 and H-11 in Windurst Waters, I-8 and G-8 in Bastok Mines, and H-9 and J-8 in San d’Oria.) You can exchange gift tokens for items, put on a dream cap to give out presents, and take part in Smilebringer Boot Camp.

As for the continuing events, two can be found. If you head to Reisenjima, you can continue the FFXI The Voracious Resurgence questline. After Nii’s Last Stand, speak with Reikuu in K-8. There are also new Normal and Intense Ambuscades enemies.

In the November 2021 update, Square Enix brought Master Levels to FFXI. Mainly quality of life changes regarding it appear in December, however the game will now call enemies “Very Easy Prey” if they’ll give experience, limit, and capacity points.

Final Fantasy XI is available for PCs, its December 2021 update is live, and Starlight Celebration runs December 16-31, 2021.

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