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Patch 6.4 FFXIV Job Action Effect Radius Changes Affect Many Classes

Patch 6.4 FFXIV Job Action Effect Radius Changes Most Classes

Ahead of the 6.4 patch, Square Enix noted FFXIV job changes would specifically target the Dragoon and Paladin. However, it also noted that effect radius alterations would come as well and affect other classes. Now that the full 6.4 patch notes are live, over 20 jobs will see differences with their skills. In addition, all physical ranged DPS roles will see the Peloton action increased to 30 yalms from 20. Also, the list of adjustments noted the potency for a number of Gunbreaker, Marauder, Samurai, and Warrior actions increased.

With regards to the Gladiator and Paladin, the Atonement, Circle of Scorn, Riot Blade, and Royal Authority actions are all more potent than before. In addition, Atonement’s Execution doesn’t interrupt combos.

As for the Dragoon, the Jump and High Jump actions featured the most changes. When we use either one, it won’t change our position and the camera won’t follow us when we use it. As we aren’t actually moving when using it, this also means being bound won’t stop us from using it. The Dragon Sight ability now doesn’t have any action direction requirements.

As for the Marauder and Warrior, the potency increased for Fell Cleave, Inner Chaos, Storm’s Eye, Storm’s Path, and Upheaval. Vengeance now includes Vulnerability Down now going forward. Gunbreaker’s Brutal Shell and Keen Edge potency also increased. With the Samurai, the potency is greater for Hissatsu: Senei, Kaeshi: Namikiri, Ogi Namikiri, and Shoha. Not to mention another FFXIV job change increases the power of certain Black Mage abilities. The potency of tXenoglossy increased by 80 points from 800 to 880. Enhanced Enochian III also deals 23% damage instead of 21%. The White Mage’s Dia damage over time and general potency both increased too.

As for the other patch 6.4 FFXIV job changes, almost all of them tend to increase the number of yalms for each ability’s effect radius. Here’s a list of which actions’ effect radii will be larger for each class now. In some cases, like the Reaper’s Arcane Circle that goes from 15 to 30 yalms, the reach almost doubles.

  • Astrologian: Collective Unconscious and Divination
  • Bard: Army’s Paeon, Battle Voice, Mage’s Ballad, Nature’s Minne, Radiant Finale, Troubadour, and The Wanderer’s Minuet.
  • Dancer: Double Technical Finish, Shield Samba, Single Technical Finish, Quadruple Technical Finish, and Triple Technical Finish
  • Dark Knight: Dark Missionary
  • Dragoon: Battle Litany
  • Gladiator: Divine Veil
  • Gunbreaker: Heart of Light
  • Marauder: Shake It Off
  • Machinist: Tactician
  • Monk: Brotherhood and Mantra
  • Paladin: Divine Veil
  • Pugilist: Brotherhood and Mantra
  • Reaper: Arcane Circle
  • Red Mage: Embolden and Magick Barrier
  • Sage: Eukrasian Dosis III, Holos, Kerachole, Panhaima, and Physis II.
  • Samurai: Kaeshi: Goken and Tenka Goken
  • Scholar: Consolation, Deployment Tactics, Expedient, Fey Illumination, Sacred Soil, and Seraphic Illumination
  • Summoner: Searing Light
  • Warrior: Shake It Off
  • White Mage: Asylum and Temperance

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC, and patch 6.4 is live now.

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