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FFXIV Lawson Collaboration Will Reward Players With King Porxie Mount

FFXIV King Porxie

Japanese convenience store chain Lawson will host a special Final Fantasy XIV collaboration campaign, in which customers can exchange stamps for a special “King Porxie” mount in-game. Starting August 31, 2021, players will have three weeks to collect 18 stamps by purchasing various products using either a Ponta or dPoint card.

Applicable products include the new “Crystal of Light and Darkness” flavored chicken nuggets and a new series of Moogle Pon Pon Tea. Each product is worth different amounts of stamps. The chicken nuggets valued at two stamps, while each bottle of tea will net one stamp. The highest value products are a series of family-sized gum bottles priced at ¬•798 (about $7) and worth 7 stamps. This means that, at minimum, the King Porxie mount will require about $18 to redeem.

Alternatively, customers can also receive a free special FFXIV clear file for every third product purchased.

The campaign entry period will start from August 31, 2021, and end on September 20, 2021. Furthermore, products must be purchased with a Ponta or dPoint card within this period to count towards the stamp tally. Additionally, users can use one point card to redeem multiple item codes and keep track of their stamps through the campaign entry account page.

After gathering the required 18 stamps, users can then redeem them for a guaranteed item code via the campaign site. Stamp redemption will be available separately until September 27, 2021. Lawson recommends players keep a record of redeemed item codes, as they will have to wait until November 19, 2021 to use them at the Mog Station. Once they do so, players will receive a “King Porxie Horn” in Final Fantasy XIV. By the looks of it, the mount is a variation of the Portly Porxie mount from the Pixies Beast Tribe quests.

You can get a better look at the King Porxie mount, as well as the new FFXIV Lawson merchandise below:

The Lawson FFXIV campaign will run from August 31, 2021, to September 20, 2021. Stamp redemptions will last until September 27, 2021. The redeemed King Porxie mount item code can be used at the Mog Station starting November 19, 2021.

Andrew Kiya
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