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FFXIV Lotus Mount to be Added to Chinese Edition

FFXIV Lotus Mount

The Chinese edition of Final Fantasy XIV is getting a new way for players to travel in serenity. An announcement on the official FFXIV Chinese site says that a Lotus mount will be added to the optional item store on April 7, 2022. [Thanks, Umadori]

The lotus mount concept was first shown off during the FFXIV fan fest in China in late 2021.

FFXIV Lotus Mount

The FFXIV Lotus Mount has the Chinese name “机巧莲座.” That translates roughly to “Clever Lotus Seat.” It takes the form of a gilded, blooming lotus flower. When activated, the rider’s character model adopts a sitting position in the center of the petals. Golden and red tassels and ornaments dangle below the flower. Metallic butterflies flutter around the lotus, and its petals glow orange.

In-game screenshots and preview videos of the FFXIV Lotus Mount in action also shows a halo-like light effect surrounding the rider and the flower. While moving, small flares floating upward from the flower. The description of the lotus mount suggests that as in real life, the lotus flower is seen as a sacred symbol of purity and cleanliness.

Though the mount goes live in the Chinese edition of Final Fantasy XIV this week, there are no plans for it to be added to other versions of the game yet. However, items that previously debuted in China, such as the Peacock Attire set, eventually made their way into other regional item stores.

The FFXIV lotus mount goes on sale in China on April 7, 2022. Final Fantasy XIV is available on PS4, PS5, and PC. Patch 6.1 arrives on April 12, 2022. Producer Naoki Yoshida will appear on a pre-patch livestream to explain the impending changes.

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