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FFXIV Osaka Eorzea Cafe Features Drinks Inspired by the Scions

FFXIV Eorzea Cafe Scions Drinks

The Final Fantasy XIV Eorzea Cafe in Osaka will be updating its menu. This will add items inspired by the Endwalker expansion, which includes various food dishes and drinks. The FFXIV Eorzea Cafe will also feature drinks inspired by the Scions of the Seventh Dawn and other notable characters. Each of these inspired menu items bares some significance to the expansion or other notable figures in the game.

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For example, a Loporrit pudding dish will appear on the menu, clearly inspired by Puddingway. Other dishes include the cheeseburger from Old Sharlayan and a Titan fried rice dish.

Concerning the FFXIV Eorzea Cafe Scions of the Seventh Dawn drinks, the list includes the following characters:

  • Alphinaud
  • Alisae
  • Estinien
  • G’raha Tia (The Crystal Exarch)
  • Krile
  • Thancred
  • Urianger
  • Y’shtola

Two other drinks arededicated to Asahi and Zenos. Of the list of drinks, only Urianger’s contains any kind of alcohol.

The menu also includes drinks inspired by the Job Classes, which includes ones for the Reaper and Sage. Both were introduced in the Endwalker expansion.

Various Eorzea Cafe locations have been opened up across Japan. Each cafe features a menu inspired by FFXIV, along with decorations. Previous Eorzea Cafe menu items have included food items inspired by The Gold Saucer and the Alexander raid series. The full menu is immediately available to view online.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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