FGO GUDAGUDA Close Call Event Includes a Free Avenger


The Japanese server for Fate/Grand Order is currently running a new event called GUDAGUDA Ryoma Close Call. Players who finish the event story will earn the opportunity to permanently keep Avenger/Mysterious Ranmaru X. Furthermore, to access it, players will need to have finished Lostbelt 5.5: Heian-kyo. GUDAGUDA Ryoma Close Call will run on the Japanese FGO server until December 1, 2021.

In GUDAGUDA Ryoma Close Call, you work with Ryoma Sakamoto in order to look for the missing Nobbu head. During the event, you can pick up Detective Missions from the Sakamoto Detective Agency in order to obtain awards. There is no limit on how many missions you can pick up at one time. Two new Servants are currently available. The first one is the aforementioned free Mysterious Ranmaru X, who appears as an Avenger. The second one is an SSR Caster, Izumo no Okuni. Players will need to pull for her from the event banner. While he is not a new Servant, you can also obtain a Spiritron Dress for Izo Okada.

Machiko Saito voices Mysterious Ranmaru X. Though Saito is a singer, she has appeared as a voice actress in various video games and anime. Other famous roles include Tokai Teio from Uma Musume: Pretty Derby and Tsubasa Ibuki from The Idolmaster: Million Live! Mysterious Ranmaru X has a skill that lets her deal extra damage against Casters, as well as one that increases the damage output of her Extra Attack. Her Arts Noble Phantasm, Orchid Rounds X, can ignore defense buffs and hit all enemies.

Sumire Uesaka voices Izumo no Okuni, while MAFIA Kajita voices Zan Zaburo. Previously, Uesaka appeared as Saeko in Yakuza: Like a Dragon and NiCO in Dead or Alive 6. Despite her appearing as a Caster, Izumo no Okuni only has one Arts card in her deck, and her skills focus on increasing her own Critical performance. Her Noble Phantasm is a Quick single target attack that first lowers the enemy’s Quick resistance.

GUDAGUDA Ryoma Close Call will run on the F/GO Japanese server until December 1, 2021. Fate/Grand Order is readily available worldwide on mobile devices. Those who have not yet used up their event currency from the GUDAGUDA Yamatai-koku re-run event that just ended still have some time to do so.

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