FGO Halloween Servant Designed by Atelier Ryza Designer

fate/grand order halloween

The 108’s Halloween Rebellion ~ Little Dragon Lady’s Water Margin Romance” has started in FGO, but only on the Japanese server. Available Servants in the banner include SSR Assassin Huyan Zhuo and SR Rider Huang Feihu. Both of these characters originated from the Chinese epic Water Margin. Completing the event will net you a free Pretender.

Toridamono, the character designer for the Atelier Ryza series, designed the Assassin of Mt. Liang, or Huyan Zhuo. Huyan Zhuo’s voice actress is Manaka Iwami, who also provides the voices for Bridget in Guilty Gear Strive and Amber in Genshin Impact. Huyan Zhuo’s Noble Phantasm, Empousa Chain Tempest, deals Quick DMG to all enemies and has a bonus against the Evil attribute. There is also a low chance of her stunning the enemies.

You can watch her Noble Phantasm here:

Other Servants available so far include Huang Feihu (Rider) and Kumonryu Eliza (Pretender). Completing the story will add Kumonryu Eliza to your roster permanently, while Huang Feihu is available in the gacha. A kumonryu is a kind of koi, and as Elizabeth is typically associated with dragons, this is a reference to the Waterfall Legend.

Here is Huang Feihu’s Noble Phantasm:

Fate/Grand Order is readily available on mobile devices. The 108’s Halloween Rebellion ~ Little Dragon Lady’s Water Margin Romance is only on the Japanese server of FGO until November 2, 2022.

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