Fate/Grand Order Teases New Assassin for Halloween 2022

fate/grand order halloween 2022

As if Lasengle knew in advance that Konami would remaster Suikoden I and II, it has announced a new upcoming Halloween event for Fate/Grand Order that will launch in mid-October 2022. It will be based on Water Margin. Water Margin is one of the oldest Chinese novels and it focuses on a group of 108 rebels. The event is called “The 108’s Halloween Rebellion – Little Dragon Lady’s Water Margin Romance.”

In order to access it, players will need to first complete Lostbelt No. 5, which is Olympus. On the official website for Fate/Grand Order, Lasengle has shown off a new Servant who will appear in the event. It is unclear if she is going to be a free SR Servant, or an SSR in the gacha. So far, we only know her title, which is the Assassin of Mt. Liang. Like Servants from the Epic of Remnant arcs, players will have to unlock her real name through the story.

The Japanese version of Fate/Grand Order recently ended its new Shin-Yamataikoku event. This event introduced new Servants Sen no Rikyu and Yamanami Keisuke. The welfare Servant was Iyo, who is a SR Ruler. Players on the Japanese version of Fate/Grand Order will also get 10 free Saint Quartz when they log in as part of the promotion for the Halloween 2022 event.

Fate/Grand Order is readily available on mobile devices. The Halloween 2022 event will debut in mid-October 2022.

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