FGO Ooku Rerun Brings Kama and Kiara Mazing Mayhem

FGO Ooku Rerun

Fate/Grand Order fans may be cooling off from the Servant Summer Camp event, but there’s more to experience for those with energy remaining. Right on the heels of the Summer 2022 conclusion is a rerun of last year’s spring event: Tokugawa Restoration Labyrinth, Ooku. The FGO Ooku rerun gives players who didn’t complete the event the first time another chance to clear it. Those who did get through the maze can do it again for more rewards, as well as a few new goodies.

The FGO Ooku rerun is, as before, based on 17th-century Japan and the convoluted design of Edo castle. The seat of power for the Tokugawa Shogunate, Edo castle was deliberately designed to confuse potential intruders, with its full layout familiar only to those supposed to be there. One feature of Edo and similar castles is the Ooku, or “great interior”, an inner chamber that functions as the women’s quarters. Women connected to the Shogun resided there, forbidden from leaving. Similarly, the Ooku was forbidden to men unaccompanied by the Shogun, with intruders quickly put to death. In FGO‘s rendition, the Ooku of Edo castle has been supernaturally transformed into a sinister maze, trapping those inside in a hell of corruption and decadence.

Check out a subtitled anime trailer for the FGO Ooku rerun, narrated by Rie Tanaka, who voices Sessyoin Kiara. Kiara plays a major role in the event story, as does Kama, based on the Hindu deity of love and desire. She returns the FGO gacha banner for a limited time as a 5-Star Assassin-class Servant with a wickedly powerful Noble Phantasm.

For gameplay, the Ooku rerun will challenge FGO players to navigate the treacherous corridors of the corrupted Ooku. They’ll unlock corridors and new floors each day, traversing the maze and battling monsters. As a rerun, the event’s rewards are tuned to provide a more relaxed experience and quicker completion.

Fate/Grand Order is available on iOS and Android devices. The FGO Ooku rerun will last until August 15, 2022. FGO will also be available in more countries.

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