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FGO Popularity Poll Reveals Top 30 SSR Servants

An unofficial online popularity poll has revealed Japanese fans’ favorite SSR Servants from Fate/Grand Order, with the majority of the top five being male Servants. The survey ran between October 2 to October 16, 2021 on NetLab from ITmedia. The full FGO popularity poll includes 30 Servants. As a warning to those who wish to avoid Servant spoilers, this list includes Servants who are only available on the Japanese server. [Thanks, tainbocuailnge!]

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According to the popularity poll, the top 10 FGO SSR Servants for Japanese fans are:

  1. Oberon – 3341 votes
  2. Ashiya Douman – 2694 votes
  3. Gilgamesh (Archer) – 2296 votes
  4. Senji Muramasa – 1645 votes
  5. Jeanne d’Arc (Alter) – 1549 votes
  6. Edmond Dantes – 1286 votes
  7. Karna – 1255 votes
  8. Ereshkigal – 1246 votes
  9. Morgan – 1183 votes
  10. Merlin – 1165 votes

A total of 49,773 people voted. Of the top ten, three Servants only appeared as playable Servants from 2021. Though Senji Muramasa made appearances in the story prior, he first showed up as a Servant to summon from the New Year’s 2021 gacha. Oberon and Morgan, on the other hand, were only introduced from Lostbelt 6. While this popularity poll is not an official one from Delightworks or Aniplex, it does show the large interest that the player base has towards male characters in Fate/Grand Order. The entire poll has a fairly even split, as more female characters appear past the top 10.

In the comments for why people chose to vote for Gilgamesh, many people cite his appearances in previous Fate works. They also note that they started playing Fate/Grand Order specifically for Gilgamesh. As for Ashiya Douman, people who voted for him mentioned that they like his voice, design, and battle animations. Lastly, those who voted for Oberon commented on his role in the story.

Fate/Grand Order is readily available worldwide on mobile devices.

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