FGO Will Let Players Get Limited Event Servants Again

fgo event servants

Lasengle will introduce a new Evocation Leaf item in Fate/Grand Order (FGO) that will let players get event-exclusive Servants they might have missed out on. You will be able to collect Evocation Leaves in limited Evocation Celebration events. The first of these Evocation Celebration events is happening right now on the Japanese server, and it will run from April 2-16, 2023.

The first three Servants that will appear in Da Vinci’s Workshop are Sakata Kintoki (Rider), Shuten-Douji (Caster), and Quetzalcoatl Santa (Ruler). More Servants will appear in Da Vinci’s Workshop later. As well, there is no time limit on when you can get them. Even after this Evocation Celebration ends, they, as well as their Ascension Materials and Servant Coins, will be in the store. You can get Evocation Leaves as log-in bonuses and as awards for completing Master Missions.

Some limited-time events in FGO hand out free SR Servants that you can keep so long as you finish the story. While events re-run on occasion to allow players who missed the original run to try again, many events are too old to re-run. The Rider form of Sakata Kintoki, for example, came out during the Onigashima Event. Onigashima debuted in 2016, making it much too old at this point to re-run.

FGO is available on mobile devices. The Evocation Leaf, as well as the opportunity to purchase past event Servants, is only on the Japanese server of Fate/Grand Order for now.

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