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Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo’s Opening Has Been Leaked


Another Final Fantasy VII Remake leak has occurred, and it once again involves the demo. Someone has apparently leaked the opening movie for a trial of the game, following the leak last week that revealed icons for it and Patapon 2 Remastered. It kicks off from the beginning of Final Fantasy VII Remake and may get people feeling nostalgic. [Thanks, Resetera!]

This leaked Final Fantasy VII Remake demo video begins with Aerith in Midgar, like the original game does. She is sitting in front of a cracked Mako pipe, before being spooked by someone possibly following her. She runs out onto the street, where someone runs into her, causing her to spill some of the flowers she is selling. After someone accidentally steps on one of them, she looks up at the camera, which pans out to provide a larger view of Midgar.

From there, we get the iconic scene where Cloud is heading with Avalanche to Mako Reactor 1 on the train. While some Shinra soldiers are around, we see Biggs and Jessie make short work of two of them. Then, Barrett and Cloud make their first appearance and begin the group’s mission. The leaked Final Fantasy VII Remake demo clip ends with the title of the first chapter, “The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1.”

The opening of this leaked Final Fantasy VII Remake demo footage also offers insight into what sorts of options people can expect. People will first be able to choose default, inverted Y-Axis, inverted X-Axis, or Inverted X- and Y-Axis camera controls. They will also apparently be able to choose from among the Classic, Easy, or Normal difficulty levels.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released for PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020. It will be a timed exclusive until March 2021.

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