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Final Fantasy VII Remake Soundtrack Is Officially Out and Digitally Available

Square Enix has really opened the floodgates on its music catalog lately. May 27, 2020 is the official release date for the Final Fantasy VII Remake soundtrack, and the physical Special Edit Version for sale on the Square Enix store is already on waitlist. However, if you aren’t willing to wait for a physical version to become available again, Square Enix has also dropped the multi-disc album on multiple digital music marketplaces. You can get the Final Fantasy VII Remake soundtrack on the Amazon Music store, the Google Play store, and iTunes. It’s also available to stream if you have an Apple Music subscription. Spotify is left out here, but newer soundtracks typically show up there after some time has passed.

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The full Final Fantasy VII Remake soundtrack is a whopping eight and a half hours long, coming to a total of seven discs. The Special Edit Version is listed on the Square Enix store for $77.77, natch. It’s available for preorder on Amazon for a much steeper price, but that could end up going down closer to shipping time. That version comes with an eighth disc containing bonus tracks. If you go the digital route, Amazon and Apple are both charging around $35 for the whole thing, while Google Play is only selling it for $18.99.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently available for the PlayStation 4.

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