Final Fantasy Agito XIII Is Halfway Through Development



Final Fantasy Agito XIII will be present at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show in trailer form. This trailer, director Hajime Tabata says, will be very short. Looking at it frame-by-frame, however, he feels that it’s put together well.


"As for Agito, the event scenes have yet to come, but the real time parts have a fair bit completed," Tabata tweeted on Square Enix’s 3rd Birthday feed. He mentions that, while the development team were initially in agreement that the goals for Agito XIII were impossible to accomplish on the PSP, they’re immensely surprised that they were able to achieve their desired results on the system.


Agito’s event scenes will be handled by the same team as the ones from Crisis Core were. Tabata says the team will be able to make each scene feel dramatic. This team is presently working on The 3rd Birthday.


Agito XIII, Tabata reveals, is about halfway through its development. He goes on to mention that after wrapping up The 3rd Birthday, that game’s development team will be helping complete development of Agito.


Before Agito is released, however, there’s another unannounced title, likely to be Tetsuya Nomura’s unannounced project, that will be revealed shortly. Nomura has already confirmed that we’ll hear of this at TGS.

Ishaan Sahdev
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