Final Fantasy Dissidia PSP Confirmed


dissidia_a.jpgRemember that new Final Fantasy title Square-Enix patented in the United States and Japan and was rumored to be part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis (re: Final Fantasy XIII) family? Well you may be surprised, perhaps even shocked, to know that Dissidia isn’t part of the FNC project; even better, Dissidia is a PSP game!

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The official Japanese site for Final Fantasy Dissidia has gone live today with nothing more than a nice flash intro that references more information being displayed at the Square-Enix party this weekend.  The site does reveal the game is a PSP iteration of the Final Fantasy franchise, so for those of you who doubted Square-Enix supporting the PSP with a Final Fantasy that wasn’t part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII or the Ivalice Alliance (both of which aren’t bad) can rest easy knowing an original Final Fantasy title is coming to the PSP.


Hopefully a lot more information about the game will be revealed at the Square-Enix party along with a trailer. Until then, Final Fantasy Dissidia lives. Now speculate as much as you can about where Haeresis will end up!

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