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Final Fantasy Explorers: Job Actions And A Tour Of The Hometown



Final Fantasy Explorers will have a lot going on in combat. You’ll be able to summon the likes of Cloud, Squall, and Lightning, but the job classes look like they’ll have plenty of their own moves as well. Square Enix shows us more with the latest gameplay footage videos.



The first video gives us a look at the actions, starting with the regular attacking moves followed by various abilities, of all the job classes we’ve seen thus far. The jobs are shown in the order of: Knight, Monk, Ranger, Dragoon, White Mage, Ninja, Black Mage, and Time Mage.


You can check out our earlier report for some more details on jobs and a look at some of them in action. Siliconera also provided translations for the game’s control scheme as well.



The second video shows us a bit of what a single player mission looks like. As you can see, you’ll also fight Chocobos this time around.



Finally, the last video gives us a tour of the home town and base of operations, Libertus. Here, you can take it easy and chat with your buddies, visit different shops, take on quests, or check out the place where your monsters will hatch from their eggs.


There’s an even an airship that lets you fly out to faraway places.


Final Fantasy Explorers is slated for release in Japan on December 18, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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