Final Fantasy IX Bring Arts Line Finishes Off With Amarant Coral and Kuja


The Final Fantasy IX Bring Arts line of posable figures have gone through every main party character except Amarant Coral so far, and that’s because he is paired up with Kuja for what seems to be the final set. Previous sets include Zidane and GarnetVivi and Steiner, Eiko and Quina, and Freya and Beatrix.

As you might expect, Amarant is the more detailed one among the two, with several hand options and one that lets him equip his signature claws. Kuja is quite detailed on his own, but doesn’t come with anything more than a few hand parts.

Here are more screenshots below:

Like the other sets, Amarant and Kuja will cost 19,360 yen (~$180 USD). They release next year on April 11, 2020, and are available for pre-order here.

Alistair Wong
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