The Final Fantasy IX Bring Arts Figure Series Journeys Onwards With Eiko And Quina


eiko 1

Following Zidane and Garnet, and Vivi and Steiner, Eiko and Quina are the next two Final Fantasy IX party members to receive a spot on the Bring Arts series roster.


eiko 2

eiko 3 eiko 4

Like the other two sets, Eiko and Quina are being sold as a pair, and even comes with an extra character with Eiko’s guardian Moogle, Mog. Other parts include Eiko’s flute, Quina’s fork, and Quina’s favorite food, a frog.


Here are more screenshots below:

eiko 5 eiko 6

eiko 7 eiko 8

eiko 9 eiko 10

The Eiko and Quina set is currently going for 19,360 yen (~$180 USD), around a similar price to the previous two sets. They are available for pre-order here, and release on February 7, 2020.

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