Final Fantasy PSP for preorder already?


ff-front-1.jpgPSP Fanboy recently posted an article about Gamestop listing Final Fantasy PSP for preorder on its website. At first, I was a bit shocked to see the game for preorder; then I was instantly reminded of how SCEA has this ridiculous policy where ports/remakes/whatever you want to call them won’t be guaranteed a release here unless there’s 33% more new content on the port itself. After searching Gamestop’s site, it just so happened to be true!


This is all, of course, meant to be taken very lightly as Gamestop is often mistakened plenty of times when it comes to new releases and their supposed time of release…if it even exists. With a release date of 6/12/07 listed on the Gamestop website, avid PSP owners may just have another reason to buy this port of Final Fantasy I and II that blends in the beautiful CG cinematics of their PSOne remakes and whatever new content was featured in their GBA versions plus many other extras.


Only one question remains: when’s the Chrono Trigger remake/sequel coming, Square-Enix?