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Final Fantasy VII PowerWash Simulator DLC Details Shared

Powerwash Simulator Final Fantasy 7

Futurlab revealed more details for the Final Fantasy VII Midgar Special Pack in Powerwash Simulator. The second of Powerwash Simulator’s tie-ins with other games, the Midgar Special Pack allows players to clean up various locations last seen in Final Fantasy VII Remake. The expansion will contain five levels for players to clean up, and the developer went in-depth on two of them.

First up is the Mighty Scorpion Sentinel, best known to Final Fantasy VII players as the first boss fight. It features moving parts and a new dirt type based on Mako Energy residue.

The second level is Tifa’s Seventh Heaven bar as it appeared in Remake. It features additional items to clean, including Cloud’s Buster Sword. The player will also receive messages from members of Avalanche as they clean the bar.

Other levels that will feature in the expansion will be one with the Hardy Daytona and Shinra Hauler, another that features the Mako Energy Exhibit inside Shinra HQ, and a chance to clean the Airbuster boss. All five were as previously announced.

The Midgar Special Pack is the second crossover content for Powerwash Simulator. Croft Manor from Tomb Raider appeared as another free DLC pack earlier in 2023.

Powerwash Simulator is available now on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X,, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store. The Midgar Special Pack will be released on March 2, 2023.

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