Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Character Tier List
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Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Character Tier List

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis features a handful of characters plucked from different Final Fantasy VII games. This includes Final Fantasy VII, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, and the short-lived Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. While you obtain all characters for free, some characters are better than others in terms of what they can provide for your teams. You can read our Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis tier list below to get an idea of who you may want to use.

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Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Character Tier List

Please keep in mind that this list only includes characters made available during the launch of Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis and is entirely subjective.

The characters below are part of what we would consider S-Rank in FFVII Ever Crisis.


By far one of the best characters in the entire game, Aerith is an integral part of any team that you want to tailor around more challenging content. This is strictly because of her Limit Break, Healing Wind. As it stands, Aerith is the only character that has a Limit Break that is capable of healing. While other characters can heal your party either through Weapon Skills or Materia, Aerith is always a solid choice for healing, as she is the most reliable due to Healing Wind. You can also significantly increase her healing through her Gear, or Sub Weapons. For this reason, Aerith is at the top of the tier list.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Character Tier List

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Another great choice purely because of her Limit Break that can reduce the M DEF (Magic Defense) and P DEF (Physical Defense) of single enemy. She is great in Dungeons or any Co-Op Content, since most of these are fights with a single enemy. While she can be hard to recommend for a team situated around farming materials, Tifa is generally a great pick due to her high damage output in combination with her Limit Break. Set Tifa up with Weapons that increase her DPS and offensive Materia and you’ll have a solid DPS and debuffer on your team. Additionally, with the Seasonal Lifeguard Wraps she can heal your entire party, similar to Aerith. And if you acquired the Gear from the special Seasonal Banner, she has better damage output with a comparable level of healing. This makes Tifa one of the best characters in the game, if you have the necessary Weapons to support her.


Red XIII works on the opposite spectrum of Tifa. He can reduce P ATK (Physical Attack) and M ATK (Magic Attack) a single enemy, which is great for Dungeons. Especially if you find yourself taking extreme amounts of damage from a single enemy. This can be done through the use of his Limit Break. His Weapons can also provide additional support in increasing the M DEF (Magic Defense) and P DEF (Physical Defense) of your allies. Of course other characters can do this too, but Red XIII is as close to a traditional support as you can currently get in Ever Crisis, especially since he also has a Weapon that is capable of healing your party. While not as physically strong as Tifa in terms of DPS, or having the same kind of healing potency as Aerith, Red XIII is still a great addition to any team.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Character Tier List

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An entirely new character to the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, he is one of two new protagonists that appear through The First Soldier Story Missions. What puts Glenn on this list, is his ability to do incredible amounts of AoE damage, and single target damage. The only other character that rivals him in AoE damage is Matt, who is another The First Soldier character, though his attacks are more specific to Magic damage. Glenn can decently fill both roles, and packs a punch with his free Weapon, the Apology in Hell. Since he also gets Weapons that let him perform AoE skills, he’s a good pick for farming team compositions as well.


  • Matt – Matt makes the A-Rank list mostly because his Weapons come with some really great AoE attacks. This means that he is an exceptional character when it comes to farming materials in combination with characters like Zack. Additionally, his Galactic Shield Limit Break makes him a great party member, you just have to work a bit to unlock it.
  • Cloud – This is mostly because Ever Crisis provides you with enough materials to have a decent Weapon for Cloud that can get you through some of the earlier content, making him a decent DPS and potential tank, for your team. Outside of this, Cloud is mostly fine, just like Zack, and is only as good as the Weapons and Materia you equip him with.
  • Lucia – While she doesn’t have any group healing skills, Lucia is capable of debuffing enemies and even applying status effects to this. Very few characters in FFVII Ever Crisis do this outside of lowering PDEF, PATK, MDEF, and MATK. Lucia can actually Silence enemies, which puts her a head above the rest.


  • Zack – He’s great because you get a free Weapon for him when you start the game. But his damage can drop off very fast by comparison to other party members, and his AoE damage is element specific. Which makes him a hard recommend for quick farming groups. That said, he’s still a solid DPS.
  • Barret – Much like Zack, he’s more or less just a DPS. He can heal, but it isn’t as good as Aerith or Red XIII. His Limit Break, Mindblow, is similar to Tifa’s, but requires you to unlock it or he’d be higher on the list.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is immediately available for Android and iOS.

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