Final Fantasy VII Remake Light Novel to Star Tifa and Aerith

Final Fantasy VII Light Novel Trace of Two Pasts Tifa Aerith

Square Enix plans to release a Final Fantasy VII Remake light novel featuring Aerith Gainsborough and Tifa Lockhart. The novel will come bundled together with the Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania Plus, and it will span two hundred and twenty-eight pages. Pre-orders for the bundle are currently open, with the set costing ¥5,610 or roughly $51. However, you can also purchase the novel individually for ¥1,650 or $15. The Final Fantasy VII Remake Material Ultimania Plus and Final Fantasy VII Remake light novel bundle releases on July 15, 2021. The individual novel purchases release on the same day.

Titled Trace of Two Paths, Kazushige Nojima will write the light novel. Nojima previously worked on Final Fantasy VII and other compilation works. This includes Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core and Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. The description of the novel mentions that it will elaborate on the unknown story of Tifa and Aerith’s two different paths . However, it is currently unclear whether or not this work will receive a translation or Western release.

Square Enix is set to release another Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania to audiences outside of Japan, however this comes in the form of the Final Fantasy VII Remake: Material Ultimania. The English version of this Ultimania releases in December 2021.

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