Final Fantasy VII Remake Collaboration Items Let You Represent The Shinra Electric Power Company in Style

Final Fantasy VII Remake Artina Jacket

Square Enix and ARTINA have released a new line of Final Fantasy VII Remake goods for fans to wear. Which comes just in time, after the release of the highly acclaimed Remake. Fans can get their hands on a variety of new merchandise, all ranging from patches, jackets, and bags. Each of these items can be purchased via Square Enix e-Store, however, these items are exclusive to Japan so you may need to employ the help of friends to grab these items for you. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The first, and probably most interesting, items in this new collection are Shinra Electric Power Company mountain parka and the Final Fantasy VII Remake mountain parka. Each comes with a unique design reflecting their individual theme. We’ll have pictures of the items below so you can check them out in finer detail. In addition to this, you can also grab a Shinra Electric Power Company patch and bag, each obviously emblazoned with the Shinra Electric Power Company logo.

Other goods from ARTINA include a limited edition Final Fantasy VII Remake stamp set that features the classic, polygon design of the characters, a buster sword patch, a Seventh Heaven patch, a one-winged angel patch, a cross slash patch, and lastly a Stamp the dog patch. Like the clothing items, all of these goods can be purchased through the Square Enix e-Store.

All of these items will be sold in limited quantities by ARTINA, so if you’re a collector, or just want to wear some pretty nicely designed Final Fantasy VII Remake merchandise, you’ll want to get your hands on these items.

If you want to get your hands on other Remake goods, Square Enix recently released an Ultimania that has detailed character biographies and developer interviews.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is immediately available for the PlayStation 4.

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