Final Fantasy VII Remake Shinra CD Will Arrive in October

Final Fantasy VII Remake Shinra CD

Square Enix will be releasing a new Final Fantasy VII Remake original soundtrack. However, it might not be what you would expect. The Shinra Electric Power Company will get its own CD. As you can imagine, it will contain tracks unique to Shinra locations and characters from Final Fantasy VII. This soundtrack will cost ¥2,200, which comes out to roughly $20. The Final Fantasy VII Remake Shinra Electric Power Company CD soundtrack is scheduled to release on October 20, 2020 and be part of a line up of limited goods. [Thanks, aitaikimotchi!]

Some of the tracks that will be included on the CD were already revealed. They are:

  • “Shrina Inc.”
  • “Turks’ Theme”
  • “The Turks: Reno”
  • “Scarlet’s Theme”
  • “Rufus Shinra”
  • “Turks’ Theme -Office-“

For those that want more Final Fantasy VII Remake music, the original soundtrack released back in May 2020. Its music is collected on a total of seven discs. Naturally, this will include more than just the Shinra Electric Power Company theme and other music associated with the company.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Shinra CD is one of a handful of items that will be released to celebrate Tokyo Game Show 2020. Other soundtracks that will be available to purchase as part of the event include Final Fantasy Villains and Final Fantasy Heroes. These two soundtracks will be comprised of the themes for both the heroes and villains of the franchise, respectively.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently available for the PlayStation 4.

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