Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Development Details Revealed

Final Fantasy VII The FirstS oldier

A financial report released by Ateam, the developers behind Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, revealed details regarding the development of the upcoming mobile title. This includes plans for a simultaneous worldwide release sometime in 2021. The developers also spoke briefly about in-game transactions and how this could potentially be handled. [Thanks, GameBiz and Aitaikimochi!]

As mentioned previously, there are plans for a simultaneous worldwide release for Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier. This falls in line with the initial announcement trailer for the mobile title. However, Ateam has confirmed that they intend to release the game to international audiences in 2021. A total of seven languages will be supported for the release. This includes Japanese, English, French, German, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish.

Additionally, the developers spoke about in-game transactions. How they plan to implement said transactions has yet to be decided, but Ateam will be keeping an eye on how competitors handle monetization. Ateam is currently working on a way to reduce potential server lag with the release.

As for the battle royal style shooter coming to consoles or PC, there are currently no plans. However, if enough people show interest Ateam will consider consulting with Square Enix on a potential release outside of mobile devices.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier will appear on Android and iOS devices in 2021.

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