Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Season 2 Announced

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Season 2

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura revealed Season 2¬†of the battle royale will appear sometime soon. Additionally, a special piece of promotional artwork was shared alongside this update. Nomura mentioned several new additions that will appear through Season 2 of Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier. However, the announcement of the Season 2 update didn’t include a definite release.

What players can expect, however, are several new maps and the inclusion of a “President’s Cup” tournament. The “President’s Cup” will precede future large-scale tournaments, which the team current has plans for. A future broadcast will reveal more details regarding major updates that will appear in Season 2. The illustration created for this announcement also features a Dragoon. While several classes are already available in Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, the Dragoon would potentially be a new addition if included.

The statement from Nomura also included details from the development team. The team is currently working to improve the quality of the game. The statement specifically addresses the issue of stream sniping that has been occurring while players broadcast their gameplay. There are plans to suspend accounts that engage in activities that violate the Terms of Service.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is available for Android and iOS.

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