Final Fantasy VIII 48-Hour Livestreaming Event For Charity This Weekend



Square Bowl II is being held this weekend in which Final Fantasy VIII will be played and livestreamed for 48 hours, all while raising funds for the AbleGamers charity.


It’ll start on Friday, February 5th at 7pm PST and end on Sunday, February 7th at 7pm PST. You’ll be able to tune in during those hours at


The people hosting this event are creator of Hyper Light Drifter, Teddy Diefenbach, and Train Jam founder and game maker Adriel Wallick.


“We started Square Bowl in 2015 as an excuse to play through classic RPGs we loved as kids — to see them with fresh eyes, now that games are our profession. What holds up? What doesn’t? What do we love, and how can we capture that in our work?” explains the duo.


The pair will be joined by guests, too, who have only been announced as people who have worked on Galak-Z, League of Legends, Massive Chalice, Night in the Woods, Sunset Overdrive, and more.

Chris Priestman