Final Fantasy XI Gets A Smartphone Spinoff: Final Fantasy Grandmasters


During Square Enix’s media briefing for Final Fantasy XI, they announced a new smartphone title called Final Fantasy Grandmasters, a spinoff title of Final Fantasy XI.

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The concept behind the Vana’diel Project’s new title, Final Fantasy Grandmasters, is to allow fans of the series further explore the world of Vana’diel with friends, in a lighthearted and mobile fashion.

Mobile developers Crooz are working on the game, and it will feature jobs, places, and various other content from Final Fantasy XI’s world of Vana’diel.


The game is being developed as an online RPG that will allow you to play with friends.

It will have various fields like Final Fantasy XI, and while it may not be as vast as the fields you’ve seen in XI, you’ll get to chat and use emotes to communicate with others. While cooperating is one of the themes, you’ll be able to play solo as well.


The battles feature various monsters seen from Final Fantasy XI, and there will also be all kinds of abilities from the MMORPG title.


There will be all kinds of equipment to gather and collect, with parts for your head, body, arms, and legs.


The main visual is a little hint for what’s to come, as you can see an airship-like object behind the characters. While they didn’t want to spoil things too much, Crooz says that players will get to fly around Vana’diel.


Final Fantasy Grandmasters is in development for iOS and Android devices. The game will be free-to-play with cash shop purchases. A beta test will launch in Japan next month.

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