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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Story DLC Will Arrive In May

Dengeki PlayStation magazine confirmed yesterday that Jihl Nabaat DLC is headed to Final Fantasy XIII-2, but that’s just going to be a coliseum battle. In May, Square Enix have plans to release a story episode featuring Lightning.


This bit of information was reported today by Famitsu magazine. Famitsu have actually mentioned Lightning story DLC before, as far back as January, when they reported that a new story episode with Lightning would “reveal the hidden truth” behind Final Fantasy XIII-2’s endings.


We don’t know if this is the same piece of DLC they were referring to. This week’s magazine says that the May DLC will expound on Lightning’s fight against Caius, and that the combat will be different from the game’s regular battle system.


No particular date during May has been announced announced for the Lightning DLC. There’s been no word on price yet either.


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