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Final Fantasy XIV 2B Outfit Isn’t Gender-Locked


final fantasy xiv 2B Nier Automata outfit


Every Final Fantasy XIV player could have an opportunity to dress like 2B, thanks to the NieR: Automata raid. It turns out the Glamour outfit is not only able to be equipped by any class, it is also not a gender-locked item. Anyone who ends up earning it can have their character wear it. (Thanks, Holybleed!)


Here are some more screenshots of the NieR: Automata 2B outfit in action.



To get a Final Fantasy XIV 2B outfit for your avatar, you’ll need to go through The Copied Factory raid. Once you beat the Walking Factory, the No. 2 Type B Materiel Storage Crate will appear as a drop, though you may have to complete the raid a few times to get it as only three drop for each party of eight in this 24-player raid. It provides a full No. 2 Type B outfit, which consists of the boots, dress, gloves, goggles, and leggings. These items can all also be dyed. (Update: As noted by CujoFoxtar, the chest window always stays peach and does not correspond to character skin or fur tones.)


Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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