Final Fantasy XIV Alisaie Minion Figure Pre-orders Open in March

Final Fantasy XIV Alisaie Minion

Get your Minion Guide out, as the Final Fantasy XIV  Alisaie figure is coming to visit. Updates to Taito’s store page revealed that a the new figurine based on the game’s character will be available to pre-order by mid-March 2021. [Thanks, Umadori Sokuhou!]

The latest Final Fantasy XIV figure is based on Alisaie Leveilleur, an Elezen and the twin sister of Alphinaud. The new minion is patterned after Alisaie’s appearance in Final Fantasy XIV‘s Stormblood expansion, when she changed classes. Taking up the sword and catalyst as a Red Mage, Alisaie would maintain her class choice for the rest of the game to date. She even appears in the trailer for the upcoming Endwalker expansion.

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV Minion figure line recreates characters and creatures from the game, mimicking the style of the in-game “Minion” pets. Players can acquire minions from a variety of sources, including as quest rewards, rare drops, and even straight from the store for real-world money. These 14cm (about 5.5 inch) tall figurines, meanwhile, bring the Minion experience to the physical realm.

The Final Fantasy XIV Alisaie Minion figure will be available for pre-order in mid-March 2021 in Japan. On the international store, pre-orders are open for Minion figures of Estinien, Y’shtola, and RyneFinal Fantasy XIV is immediately available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and its Endwalker expansion will launch in Fall 2021.

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