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Final Fantasy XIV Automatic Housing Demolition to Resume Soon

Final Fantasy XIV Automatic Housing Demolition

Square Enix announced automatic housing demolition within Final Fantasy XIV will resume soon. This feature was temporarily suspended due to the influx of players and congestion issues during the release of the Endwalker expansion. However, the developer will resume automatic housing demolition in Final Fantasy XIV on March 9, 2022. This means that players will need to enter their estates before a certain period of time has elapsed. Otherwise, they will lose their house.

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Once a house it lost, players cannot automatically get it back. The house will be demolished and the plot then subsequently put up for sale. Players will need to enter their estate at least once every 30 days to avoid home demolition. If you are worried about the status of your house, you can check how long you have until your house is demolished through the Timers tab.

However, while players can check to see how long they have until the house is eventually destroyed, Square Enix strongly suggests users enter their house before the period draws too close. The timer counts down the days, and not the precise time as to when the game will demolish the house. Additionally, those within the ten day period of automatic demolition will receive an e-mail notification once the timer resumes.

In December 2021, Square Enix suspended the automatic demolition of houses. The suspension applied to every data center.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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