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Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail Location Is the New World Tural

Dawntrail is the fifth expansion for the long-running MMORPG. Alongside new content, characters, and a story, players will have the opportunity to explore a new side of the world. The new Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail location is known as Tural. During the 2023 Fan Fest, Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida offered some initial details about it.

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Tural is an island nation in the far west of the world, past Eorzea in a previously unexplored location in Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail. The people of Tural live among nature in a bright island lifestyle. The new hub city for players to explore and spend plenty of time in is Tuliyollal in the Yok Tural region of the island.

This new city is at the heart of the story of Dawntrail, with the ruler of the city being Gulool Ja Ja, who is a two-headed Mamool Ja. The crux of the plot will revolve around the next ruler of the capital city of the city-state. This new city is a colorful market-centric port side town.

The region of Yok Tural where Tuliyollal is based is a forest region. This dense forest area is so thick with trees that the forest floor rarely sees any sunlight. Players will be able to explore the forest floor and high-elevation areas alike.

Players will also be able to explore the region of Urqopacha, which is a mountainous region. It is home to a mix of exceedingly large and unusually small races.

There are other towns and cities that players will be explore on the island nation of Tural, which will be revealed at a later date.

Here’s an initial gallery of screenshots of Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail locations that appeared at the 2023 July Fan Festival.

Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail will release for PS4, PS5, and PC in Summer 2024. The base game is available now.

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