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Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Takes To The Sky With Personal Airships



Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm  Reborn’s Heavensward expansion will offer new jobs and a new race to play as, but one of the biggest upcoming features is the introduction of flying mounts. The developers’ blog provides some screenshots showing more from the personal airships.



Here’s an up-close look at one of an Au Ra character flying high in the sky with his personal airship.


JP20150610_2 JP20150610_4

The blogger says that it’s easy and fun to soar from island to island exploring every nook and cranny with these airships, and that flying mounts also provide an immense feeling of freedom to travel the limitless skies.


JP20150610_6 JP20150610_5

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward will launch on June 23, 2015. You’ll also get to try out the flying mounts a few days earlier when the early-access goes live on June 19th.

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