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Final Fantasy XIV Papa Paissa Mount Available in Online Store

Final Fantasy XIV Papa Paissa Mount

Square Enix has released a new account-wide Final Fantasy XIV mount through its online store. Players can purchase the Papa Paissa mount through the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store. It is a single-person mount and can be purchased for $24. The mount also features a special action, which causes multiple smaller Paissa to appear. While flying, a trail of flowers can be seen sprouting behind the Papa Paissa as it frantically waves its arms.

You can take a look at the Final Fantasy XIV Papa Paissa mount in action below.

However, when it comes to mounts players can obtain without heading to the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store, Square Enix has provided a preview of what players can potentially get. This includes a NieR: Automata “Pod” mount that was shown during a Letter from the Producer Live. Additionally, the Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.1 website has shared a look at another mount, which appears as a catlike creature with wings.

Square Enix also revealed what the “Clever Lotus Seat” mount, originally revealed at Final Fantasy XIV FanFest in China, will look like in action. However, there is no word as to when this mount will arrive in other versions of the game.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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