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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.4 Trailer Shows Off New Primal Sophia And Final Alexander Raid


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During a Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE which took place at Tokyo Game Show 2016, the game’s producer and director Naoki Yoshida gave another preview of what players can expect in the upcoming patch 3.4, Soul Surrender, which will release on Tuesday, September 27th.


To watch patch 3.4’s official trailer, you can check out the following video.



First off, we get a look at Alexander: The Creator, the final part in the Alexander series of raids. At the patch launch, both Normal and Savage versions of the raids will be available.


2016-09-17_023658 2016-09-17_023717


2016-09-17_023753 2016-09-17_023812


Next, more on the upcoming apartments was shown. An apartment block will be added to each ward and subdivision, and 90 apartments will be available in each complex. Apartments will cost 500,000 gil each and there will be Chocobo stables as well as a lobby in each building where tenants can gather.




Aquariums will also be added in patch 3.4, with a limit of one aquarium per house. The type of water, either fresh water or seawater, will determine what kind of fish you can place in the aquarium. The size of the aquarium will also determine what size fish and how many you will be able to put into it.




Next, new hairstyles and gear to be added in 3.4 were featured.

2016-09-17_011821 2016-09-17_011933

2016-09-17_011945 2016-09-17_012005


2016-09-17_012047 2016-09-17_012110


We then got another look at the two new dungeons: Xelphatol and Great Gubal Library (Hard).


2016-09-17_012159 2016-09-17_012207


2016-09-17_012226 2016-09-17_012235


2016-09-17_012327 2016-09-17_012340



The continuation of the Hildibrand side quests will make a return in 3.4 as well.

2016-09-17_012427 2016-09-17_012437


A new feature will be making its debut in 3.4. Players will be able to recruit NPCs and form Adventurer Squadrons which they can then train and send out to complete special missions. There are also plans to make your squadron able to accompany you into dungeons in the future.


2016-09-17_012501 2016-09-17_012510


In addition, PVP Duels will also be added, allowing players to request one-on-one battles with others. In the duel arena, you target the specific player you want to duel and send a request. Once the dueling feature is implemented, there will be no item level sync. However, depending on player feedback, an item level sync may be added at a future time.


The new trailer also gave us a glimpse into the further floors of the Palace of the Dead deep dungeon.




Patch 3.4 will see the continuation of the Warring Triad series of trials with Containment Bay P1T6. This fight will feature Sophia, the Goddess. The walls surrounding the arena will be breakable, though falling off won’t result in a permanent death as those characters who fall will be able to be raised.


2016-09-17_012627 2016-09-17_012642

2016-09-17_012655 2016-09-17_012706



Finally, more main scenario quests will be available when patch 3.4 releases on September 27th.


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To check out additional translated notes from the Letter from the Producer LIVE, you can visit Final Fantasy XIV‘s official Lodestone forums.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.